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The Line Up!

 Fusion Fest 2021 Full Line Up 

Friday August 6

4:45-5:15 SeventhString

5:30-6:00: The Strange Things

615-645: Epirus

7-730: Hippo

745-815: Mouthfeel

830-9: Ash & The Arsonists

915-945: Black Horizon

10-1030: WILT

1045-1115: Red Seed

1130-12: Northern Royals

12-1245:  Burlesque Performance *Small Stage*

Saturday August 7

4-430: Lost Planet Airmen

445-515: SIX OUTTA TEN

530-6: Suburban Hypocrites

615-645: BLOODORN

7-730: Chernobyl Wolves

745-815: INHUMED

830-9: Planeshifter

915-945: Dead Town

10-1030: Death Perception (Hamilton ON)

1045-1115: MUNG

1130-12: Trouser Mouth

1215-1245- VOTOV

Food vendors, artisan vendors and full bar available to all !

Tickets are on sale now and available In multiple tiers! All those on the wait list have been emailed instructions!

Please visit the following link to grab them!